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Olders Cluster Circle Time: Pluralism and the Brain

Music and singing! Dance, skits, rap, and video! Enjoy the many ways the Olders Cluster showcases what they have learned about Growth Mindset and the brain: how it continues to grow and create new pathways as we learn, try new things, practice, make mistakes, and persist in our learning.

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Imagination: A Blog Post from Nancy Harding, Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning

At PS1, imagination is recognized as an important aspect of children's development as a way for them to express themselves and follow their unique interests. Classrooms and indoor/outdoor play spaces are intentionally organized with innovative materials to support joy in discovery and engage each learner. From the ground up, PS1 encourages this exploration and imagination. CLICK HERE to read the full post, as well as previous Teaching and Learning posts.

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Fall 2017 Periscope with Report on Philanthropy

The new issue of PeriScope including the 2016-2017 Report on Philanthropy! Immerse yourself in the dynamic illustrations of PS1's Commitment to an Inclusive Community, a Joyful Learning Environment, Inspiring Academics, Expert Faculty, and Empowered Alumni. You won't want to miss this issue!

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