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PS1 Pluralistic School One

Reasons To Be Proud

Newton's Laws of Motion Cardboard Arcade

Students in BK Blue (3rd and 4th grade equivalent) presented Newton's Laws of Motion Cardboard Arcade. A culmination of their study of physics and their collaboration with our STEAM Studio, and inspired by Caine's Arcade...

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A Pep Talk For The Whole School

BJ Yellow students (grades K and 1) give us a pep talk about what it means to be an everyday hero! Their message? You can be an everyday hero by being you and treating people like people. Get out there! Be an everyday hero... You are full of awesome!

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CLUBS: Interest-based Enrichment

"Clubs" is our very own all-inclusive enrichment program during which students and staff build new friendships while participating in theme-driven activities. Students are assigned to one of their Top Ten favorites from a line-up of eighteen choices spanning the wide range of interests and talents on our campus.

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PS RUN: Forming Healthy Habits

PS Run came into existence to foster a lifelong commitment to physical fitness. We know a picture is worth a thousand words ... how many words do you think the following mini movie is worth?

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THE STUDIO: An Introduction

The Studio is PS1's makerspace where students explore and collaborate. Here, students ask essential questions, bounce ideas off one another, and embrace trial and error as a route to solution.

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PS1's Sustainable Quality Award

PS1 cares about the environment. So much so that we won the 2011 Grand Prize Sustainable Quality Award. Discover why we were chosen to win such an amazing award.

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