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PS1 Pluralistic School One

Sustainable Campus

Sustainability at PS1

On April 27, 2011 the City of Santa Monica in conjunction with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce named PS1 Pluralistic School the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the SUSTAINABLE QUALITY AWARD for Excellence in Sustainable Economic Development, Social Responsibility, and Stewardship of the Environment.

This is the third time in twelve years we have been honored with a Sustainable Quality Award; this is our first Grand Prize. In Joel’s acceptance speech, he emphasized that our motto is “Use less; do more.” It’s not just about the campus we’ve built; not just the paper we save or the low waste lunches we eat; not just the Green products we use; not just the values we teach; not just the example we set; not just the conscientious students we raise – it is about all of these things taken together that we feel qualified us for this Award.

Do the simple things well, have a caring and nurturing environment for students, staff, and parents, and make and sustain a place that EVERYONE wants to come to every single day; it’s just plain hard work and doing right by young people.

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