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PS1 Pluralistic School One

Board of Directors

As keepers of the mission and legal fiduciaries of PS1 Pluralistic School, the Board of Directors is charged with overall long range, strategic planning of the school. Each trustee actively promotes the school’s vision while accepting the accountability for both the financial stability and financial future of the school.

Our current board has 19 members comprised of nine men and ten women, fourteen of whom are current parents of the school, nine of whom are alumni parents, two of whom are current grandparents at the school, and the Head of School. Each member brings unique personal experience from a variety of diverse professional backgrounds. From financial leaders and members of the film industry, to philanthropists and attorneys, the collective experience of the Board provides a comprehensive, overall perspective.

Meeting eight times a year, Board members serve on standing committees including, Administration and Finance, Standards and Search, Advancement, and Buildings and Grounds. An elective Board Chair and Secretary, along with the head of school, nurture and guide all major policy decisions.

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