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PS1 Pluralistic School One

Curriculum Overview

PS1’s Core Values of Competence (What we know), Confidence (How we feel about what we know), and Connection (What we do with what we know) set an unbreakable foundation for our students in grades K-6th. That’s what makes PS1 Pluralistic School unique – we build relationships; we build strength and conviction; we build self-knowledge and empowerment. PS1 students OWN their school!

PS1 has a history of sending well-rounded, successful students into the world. As our graduates move into secondary school they often find themselves ahead of their peers. They are motivated, engaged, confident, open to knowing others, and ready to take on new challenges. The ability to ask questions, express ideas, think critically, and maintain passion for learning distinguishes PS1 students.

Core Values & Curriculum Values

At PS1 we build our program around the three core values you see in the inner ring of this circle. We call these our Three C’s:

  • Competence (what we know and learn)
  • Confidence (how we feel about what we know and what we bring to any situation)
  • Connection (what we do with what we know)

On the outer ring of the Circle you will see our Curriculum Values, the values we want to focus on throughout a child’s school experience. We view elementary school as one seven year experience, not seven one year experiences. What is the difference? Each year is connected to the next; everyone’s development is incremental; everyone’s path is unique. We all learn in different ways, at different rates, and at different times. These core curriculum values, emphasized throughout the seven year experience, are IDENTITY, STEWARDSHIP, CITIZENSHIP, COMMUNITY AWARENESS, SOCIAL JUSTICE, ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS, AND GLOBAL AWARENESS.

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