Media and Video Features Joel Pelcyger

Watch Joel’s 12 interviews, covering topics such as Understanding a Pluralistic Education.

Watch Joel Pelcyger Interviewed on Network Television

Joel Pelcyger, PS1's Founder and Head of School, speaks about the importance of a pluralistic education.

The Studio at PS1: An Introduction to our STEAM Program

Want to learn more about the creative and innovative projects happening at The Studio? CLICK to watch our video, created by PS1 parents, detailing students' project-based learning enhanced by our STEAM program.

PS1 Chorus and Instrumental Music Performance

Students enrolled in the PS1 Chorus and in our Instrumental Music program (part of the Santa Monica Youth Orchestra) perform for the school community in the Spring of 2017.

Youngers Cluster Circle Time: Music and Performance

Enjoy watching this Youngers Cluster Circle Time - written and performed by our fabulous Kindergarten and 1st grade equivalent students, focusing on their study of community awareness, identity, and friendship.

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