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Camping Trip Creates Lasting Memories!

The All-School Camping Trip is a highlight of the year and longstanding PS1 tradition. This year, we were able to camp overnight once again and we welcomed the team from WOLF (Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Foundation) to partner with us. Students participated in hikes and outdoor science throughout each day, ate meals together, camped in tents, and celebrated with joyous songs and skits around the evening campfire.

Olders Students Produce Environmental Awareness Infomercials

Students in Olders (grades 5&6) worked in pairs to create their own infomercials dedicated to environmental awareness. Students produced their videos using iMovie, and even composed their own feature music on Garage Band. Students proudly shared their projects with the entire PS1 community at their recent Circle Time. Click here to view one example!

Yellow Sunflower Valley - A Neighborhood Study in the Yellow Class

Kindergarten and First Grade Students in the Yellow Class constructed an entire town called Yellow Sunflower Valley, complete with a mini PS1, airport, grocery store, hotel, zoo, restaurants, and more 🌆

Blue Class Visits Moonwater Farms

Students in the Blue Class visited Moonwater Farms, where they immersed themselves in a tour of the farm, a hands-on soil workshop, seed planting, as well as some sampling freshly grown mulberries and flowers! 🌱

Egg Drop Challenge in the Red Class

Egg Drop Challenge in the Red Class! Students designed a contraption using materials of their choice to protect an egg from a high fall… check our Instagram to watch the video and see if they succeeded!