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Indigo Students Explore the Census

Students in Indigo (grades 3&4) have been exploring the topics of place value and addition through open ended, real world problems. Most recently, students have been examining the data from the Census to determine the populations of different L.A. areas. They are comparing numbers, looking at percentages and statistics, and soon, will be mapping the areas they are researching.

Ballona Wetlands Study

Blue Class (grades 2&3) launched their study of the Ballona Wetlands by learning about the four main types of Wetlands: Bogs, Fens, Marshes, and Swamps. Students researched a type of wetland with a small group, took notes, and created a diorama to share with the class all they learned. They followed this up with their first trip to the Ballona Wetlands.

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Fall 2023 Periscope and Report on Philanthropy: Why I Give

Click Here to read our latest publication - a joint issue featuring the Fall 2023 Periscope and the 2022-23 Report on Philanthropy.

PS1 Wins Most Loved/Best Private School In Santa Monica!

We Did It!! A HUGE Thank You to our community for voting and supporting us - PS1 will be officially announced by The Santa Monica Mirror as The Best Private School in Santa Monica!

The 2023-24 School Year Begins!

PS1 kicked off its 52nd year with joy and anticipation. New Head of School, Susannah Wolf, welcomed students and families to the new school year under a cascade of celebratory bubbles. The day before, all Youngers and new students visited campus for Make New Friends Day to meet their teachers and classmates.