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PS1 Pluralistic School One

COVID Protocols and Procedures 2021-22

Please check back soon for Fall 2022 updates.


PS1 Pluralistic School believes that children learn best within a community. From the first day of kindergarten through 6th grade, we help students understand themselves as individuals and as members of larger communities. We’ve designed our curriculum, schedule, and even our physical campus to inspire both productive cooperation and individual reflection. As students gradually expand their comfort zones—from small-group projects to their classroom, school, neighborhood, and eventually the wider world—each learns how and why to make positive change at every level.

When children grow up in these small-scale pluralistic communities, learning and working with diverse groups becomes second nature—and they go forth to share these values and methods with the wider world.

After reviewing the recommendations from the CDC, LADPH, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and many early studies from other regions and countries in the context of our values, and after a successful reopening in the 2020-21 school year, PS1 is preparing for a full reopening of school for the 2021-22 school year. It is important to emphasize that our plan is subject to change, as we continue to monitor the rate of COVID-19 infections in our local communities and receive new guidance.

To follow status and regulations by county, visit www.covid19.ca.gov/roadmap-counties

To minimize risk, always:

  • Wear face masks
  • Keep six feet apart when leaving home
  • Wash hands, sanitize
  • Immediately isolate or quarantine if believed to be sick or exposed

As a reminder, it remains imperative that parents, faculty, and staff contact PS1 immediately if you or someone in your household:

  • Has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting results.

This is a critical part of keeping our community safe.

Campus Reopening Plan

Our plan and process aims to maximize safe and healthy in-person learning for all students. Our Coronavirus Task Force and our Going Forward Task Force are planning for the re-entry of students on campus in a way that emphasizes the health and safety of all students and staff.

We have produced additional FAQs based on this plan (below) that will be updated on an ongoing basis. We ask for your partnership and understanding while dealing with the challenges and future adaptations that are presented by a global pandemic.

Prior to opening we will educate faculty, staff, and families on the school’s rules and policies on on-campus operations:

  • Use of masks and hygiene measures to be implemented during the school day
  • How to use PPE for students, staff, and teachers
  • The School’s procedure in the event of community infection
  • The use of technology for students who continue with remote learning

Please review the email sent to parents on 8/13/21 for additional details.

Teaching & Learning

The goal of a PS1 education is for students to know themselves as learners and have a voice and advocacy in their learning. PS1 teachers engaged in professional learning this summer that fits with the developmental, cognitive, and social-emotional needs of their students and adapts to all learning scenarios. Teaching teams continue to build their capacities in a wide range of offerings that focus on project-based learning, differentiation, transdisciplinary planning, and social-emotional learning.

Relationships are central to a PS1 education. Establishing relationships that allow students to feel known, cared for, and safe will be our primary goal when school begins, whether remotely or in person, as we know that most students will return to school with more social-emotional needs than is typical in September. We will seek to meaningfully connect with each child as quickly as possible and use those relationships to process our new REALM and what will take place this school year. The process may look different for some students - whether new or returning - our work will be to find the right path to connection for each.

To that end, we are making several enhancements to our program to boost our capacity for social-emotional support to students. Across the school we are adding to our social-emotional curriculum and providing opportunities for staff to connect with students and families personally, remotely, and frequently.

Strengthening Community

Community is at the center of the PS1 experience and mission. PS1 is more than a school. Our communications and community engagement activities will be transparent, consistent, and mission-centered.

We continue to provide and re-imagine ways of connecting and celebrating our students and being responsive to the needs of families. We look forward to cultivating relationships with our new families. We value, understand, and embrace the importance of connection and relationships. This central tenet of our community is what continues to make our school a vibrant place to learn, develop, and grow. We strongly encourage community participation in upcoming virtual Town Halls; with parent surveys; and virtual gatherings of families and volunteer committees.