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Welcome from Susannah Wolf, Head of School

Welcome to PS1 Pluralistic School, an independent elementary school for Kindergarten through 6th-grade in the heart of Santa Monica. This is a place where we recognize and value the unique qualities contributed by every individual student and every adult at our school. Everyone contributes.

When we talk about pluralism – the ‘P’ in PS1 – we are referring to respecting, recognizing, and building upon a child’s passions, interests, talents, personal expressions, and uniqueness.

We value a child for who they are and what they bring to their everyday life experience inside and outside the classroom. And we get to work with students who are motivated, engaged, confident individuals; strong in themselves, open to knowing others, and ready to take on new challenges.

Welcome to our school, now entering its 54th year! It’s a special place where we empower children to become the best version of themselves, and where fitting in is about being yourself.

Watch and listen to learn more about our pluralistic philosophy and our innovative approach to elementary education...