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Portrait of a Graduate

The “Portrait of a PS1 Graduate” is the result of a one-and-a-half year research project we performed to determine the salient characteristics of a PS1 graduate.

When your child turns twelve, what can you expect will characterize them as people, friends, students, and colleagues - both personally and interpersonally? Look as much at the elaborations of each benefit as to the adjectives themselves on the “Portrait” chart below. Our research garnered the following benefits. Year in and year out, A PS1 Pluralistic School graduate is:

To come up with this list, we took surveys of recent and past graduates and their families; we probed our teachers and staff; various middle school personnel from a number of schools contributed as well since they are the ones who actually receive our kids as students and people after graduation; and we got input from a lot of current parents as to what first attracted them to PS1 and how they are feeling now that they have completed a part of their journey. The list is impressive. What makes it most impressive is that it is true!

Our teachers and specialists contribute to and are mindful of these benefits in their daily preparation, in the programs and units of study they provide, and in their individual work with each and every child.