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Reasons To Be Proud

Spring 2024 Periscope Is Here!

Looking Back; Looking Ahead: Enjoy our Spring issue of Periscope! Read about highlights from each of our classrooms and specialist areas, as well as Traditions Old and New, alumni updates, and our new journey of play!

The Blue Class Creates Fantasy Fiction Stories With The Help Of Our Specialists!

Watch as the Blue Class (Grades 2&3) explores the genre of fantasy fiction, and creates their own characters and stories with the help of our specialist teachers!

Celebrating the 100th Day of School!

On Thursday, February 15th the Youngers classes celebrated our 100th day of school! Our students worked hard to collect and count 100 objects (m&m’s, marshmallows, pasta noodles, etc.) to display in our 100th Day Museum. Students organized or grouped their items in various ways and shared their collections with each other and other members of our school community.  Our 100th Day gallery walk was so much fun!

Meet Us At The SoCAL Diversity Recruiting Fair!

The fair gives attendees the opportunity to learn about working in an independent school and speak with representatives about open positions. The 2024 hybrid fair is designed with you in mind! We are excited to meet you, whether you are local to the Los Angeles area and attending in person, or connecting with us virtually from a different part of the country! CLICK HERE to register.

We All Have A Hand In Our New Playground!

Click to watch this heartwarming video highlighting our students' wishes for the new play structure!

Winter 2024 Periscope - Systems Issue - Available Now!

Click HERE to read our newest Periscope issue, focused on our school-wide theme of Systems. Features include Traditions Old and New, Curriculum Connections, and Alumni and Community News.

Bridge Students Participate in Ballona Wetlands Habitat Restoration

Bridge students revisited Ballona Creek. During their visit, they spent time sketching the Trash Interceptor 007, one of a few in the world. (We are lucky to be piloting this technology that keeps plastic and trash from reaching the ocean!) Students spoke with the project manager from Ocean Cleanup, then linked up with Friends of Ballona Wetlands at the Ecological Reserve. Here, students helped with habitat restoration by removing invasive plant species so that native plants and animals can thrive!

Mapping In Indigo

The cartographers of Indigo (3rd and 4th grade) have been busy creating a 3D map of PS1! This process has led students to explorations about scaling and why and how maps can be used.

Field Trips To Ishihara Learning Garden

Bridge students (2nd and 3rd grade) visited Ishihara Learning Garden in Santa Monica to spend the day learning about different aspects of taking care of a garden. Young gardeners helped make herb bundles, learn about worms and composting, harvested limes, and helped prune a watermelon plant. Best of all, everyone got to taste the fruits of their labor with freshly cut watermelon.

Olders4 Class Presents Their Study Of The Harlem Renaissance

Students in Olders4 (5th and 6th grade) presented their Harlem Renaissance Gallery Walk and Circle Time just before the Thanksgiving Break. The students were inspired by the individuals they learned about and created so many interesting, thoughtful, and creative pieces to share their discoveries. They appreciated the opportunity to share their work with each other, the school, and our families! The students' creative pieces and artist statements are now on display on the walls of their classroom.

Indigo Students Explore the Census

Students in Indigo (grades 3&4) have been exploring the topics of place value and addition through open ended, real world problems. Most recently, students have been examining the data from the Census to determine the populations of different L.A. areas. They are comparing numbers, looking at percentages and statistics, and soon, will be mapping the areas they are researching.

Ballona Wetlands Study

Blue Class (grades 2&3) launched their study of the Ballona Wetlands by learning about the four main types of Wetlands: Bogs, Fens, Marshes, and Swamps. Students researched a type of wetland with a small group, took notes, and created a diorama to share with the class all they learned. They followed this up with their first trip to the Ballona Wetlands.

Read More about Ballona Wetlands Study
Fall 2023 Periscope and Report on Philanthropy: Why I Give

Click Here to read our latest publication - a joint issue featuring the Fall 2023 Periscope and the 2022-23 Report on Philanthropy.

PS1 Wins Most Loved/Best Private School In Santa Monica!

We Did It!! A HUGE Thank You to our community for voting and supporting us - PS1 will be officially announced by The Santa Monica Mirror as The Best Private School in Santa Monica!