Affording PS1


At PS1 Pluralistic School, we proactively seek socioeconomic, ethnic, racial and gender diversity. Students are considered for admission based on their qualifications without regard to their financial status.

Payment Plan

Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or on a seven-month payment plan.

Financial Aid

The decisions to accept a student and to award financial assistance are two separate, simultaneous processes. Financial Aid grants are awarded on the basis of need and with two priorities. Our first priority is to increase the diversity of the student body. Our second is to support currently enrolled students in completing their PS1 education.

We believe that the primary financial responsibility for a student’s education rests with the family. Because our available funds are generous but limited, we expect that families applying for Financial Aid have made use of all other available resources.

Applying for Financial Aid

PS1 is a member of School & Student Services by NAIS (SSS), an organization that helps independent schools manage their financial aid programs. A complete PS1 Financial Aid application includes: (1) SSS’s Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) submitted to SSS, (2) a copy of the family’s complete 2018 Federal Income Tax return (Form 1040) sent to both PS1 and SSS, and (3) PS1’s Application for Financial Aid sent to both PS1 and SSS. In the case of separation or divorce, both parents must submit required materials. A family must reapply for Financial Aid every year to determine the exact amount of, and need for, continuing aid. As a new family applying for admission and Financial Aid, please indicate on your application for admissions that you intend to apply for Financial Aid. Families applying for Financial Aid will be sent relevant forms via email in late December.

Sources of Financial Aid

Financial Aid at PS1 is funded by a combination of operating income, endowment income, school fundraisers, contributions, and grants from foundations and other groups. Nearly 17% of our tuition income each year goes to Financial Aid.

PS1 is not subsidized by any government agency or private organization. We are an independent school and non-profit, tax-exempt corporation run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

$ 31,175Annual Tuition (8:45am – 3:00pm, except early dismissal days)
$125Parents Guild Fee – one per family
$125Student Activities – per child
$1,000Capital Fee – per child
$1,500New Student Enrollment Fee (one time only)