Grandparents & Special Friends

Grandparents and special friends make up an important part of PS1 Pluralistic School’s extended and multi-generational family. Grandparents and special friends are invited to attend our celebrations and performances, and encouraged to participate in the life of the school, by volunteering in the classroom or serving hot lunch, and sharing their expertise on various school committees. Our grandparents’ Memoir Writing Workshop is entering its tenth year of shared memories and experiences. On Friday mornings once a month in the Community Room, grandparents share stories that often bring laughter, wisdom and a few tears. Several books have been compiled from these tales and shared with parents and students.

At PS1 we value our multi-generational community, and the perspectives grandparents offer as they share their life experience. Those experiences influence the learning in your child's classroom. We are grateful for the wonderful stories they shared with PS1 based on the prompts from your child's teacher, now anthologized for students to enjoy. These books will be enriching our school for many years to come.

PS1'S WISDOM BOOKS 2017-2018! These beautiful keepsake books are available for purchase online. You can have your own copy (and give one to a parent as a gift)! Use the links below to order.

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If you want your own copy of the Wisdom Book from your child’s 2016-2017 class you can buy it directly using one of the links below.

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