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March 14 Observance and Art Installation Focusing on Safety and Youth Empowerment
March 14 Observance and Art Installation Focusing on Safety and Youth Empowerment
PS1 Communications

PS1 students observed March 14th by focusing on safety, empowerment, and civic engagement. The entire community gathered together as an all-school art project was unveiled, entitled, "Our Wishes for a Safer World".

In the history of PS1, moments come along where opportunities for civic engagement criss-cross with the values that we hold most dear. March 14th was one of those special moments. Three particular values that PS1 has always stood for are safety, civic engagement, and empowerment. The three came together around the Call to Action Movement initiated by high school students in Parkland, Florida.

Two national newspapers, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, heard about our planned developmentally appropriate observance on March 14th and both published articles that included us. Most national coverage has focused on high school students. We firmly believe that it is never too early in a student's life to help each one develop and put into practice a responsible and empowered voice.

The children of parents who signed permission slips were part of a supervised walkout for 17 minutes, after which the entire school community gathered to share our wishes for a safer world. Last week, every child and staff member wrote on a piece of rice paper their private wish for a safer world. At the all-school observance, we unfurled an art piece with every wish connected and hanging from a piece of driftwood which will be permanently hung on our campus in support of safety and empowerment.

We hope you enjoy viewing photos of our observance and art sculpture (entitled "Our Wishes for a Safer World") and reading the attached news articles.