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Olders Students Present Their Interdisciplinary Study Of The Periodic Table
Olders Students Present Their Interdisciplinary Study Of The Periodic Table
PS1 Communications

PS1 Olders students showed off their knowledge of the Periodic Table by hosting an event filled with scientific demonstrations, abstract art, and experimentation!

Students in our Olders Cluster learned about the origin of the modern Periodic Table of elements over the course of the fall semester. Each student was assigned a specific element to learn about in depth. In art, students created abstract art representations of their element, designed their element using 3-D printing in the STEAM Studio, and studied their element and the structure of matter during science labs in the classroom.

In the 2018-2019 school year, students across all grade levels are focusing on Physical/Earth Science. This topic examines important questions such as, "How can we make new materials?" "Why do some things appear to keep going, but others stop?" and "How can information be shipped wirelessly." A fundamental goal in our science program is for students to see that there are underlying cause-and-effect relationships that occur in all systems and processes. Because the physical science ideas explain many natural and human-made phenomena that occur each day, developing an integrated understanding of them is essential for all learners.

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