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Classrooms & Campus


Our school is organized to reflect young children’s growing perception of themselves in the world. With two lead teachers in each classroom and a two-year age range, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, self-awareness, and self-expression are fostered in a PS1 classroom.

Students come to accept personal responsibility for peer relationships. Here, in our small school community, every voice is heard.


Joy in discovery and emphasis on community is supported by our award-winning architecture and beautiful campus in Santa Monica. Bright, spacious classrooms designed to bring learning to life feature their own outdoor areas, shared workrooms and easy flow to library, art, P.E, music, and The Studio.

CLICK HERE to explore our interactive campus map.

PS1’s play area is one of the most innovative elementary school playgrounds in Southern California. Our Field of Dreams is designed to engage every child: from the athlete to the dreamer. A park-like setting with ball court, soccer field and climbing structures, it also has a bamboo forest and two stages for imaginative play. Deck areas beneath our landmark oak tree provide a shaded space for performance, reading or conversation. From the ground up, PS1 encourages exploration and interaction.