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Curriculum Overview and Core Values

Curriculum is intentionally designed and developed by faculty through their specialized knowledge and in the context of students' needs. At PS1, how we teach is as important as what we teach. We view elementary school as one seven-year experience, not seven one-year experiences... and at every age and stage of learning, children's natural development is respected.

We want students to see education as an exciting lifelong journey powered by their own curiosity, empathy, and expertise—rather than a series of boxes to check or labels to acquire. Our full K-6 learning arc interweaves innovative teaching methods with an inspiring multidisciplinary curriculum, ensuring that self-motivation fuels academic success, and vice versa, throughout students’ crucial early years. Through hands-on, collaborative lessons and projects, students discover how math, art, science, music, writing, reading, performance, and play all illuminate and shape different aspects of a larger whole.

Planning and enacting this program every day requires considerable knowledge, agility, compassion, and time. But the results are evident: our students understand themselves as learners and as people at an earlier age than you might think possible. Because they own their learning, and love doing it, their ambitions and their capabilities keep on growing.

PS1 has a history of sending balanced, resilient, successful students into the world. As our graduates move into secondary school they become leaders. They think deeply about issues that matter and understand ideas from the inside out. They are motivated, engaged, confident, curious, and ready to take on new challenges. The ability to ask questions, express ideas, think critically, and maintain passion for learning distinguishes PS1 students.

CLICK HERE to read our Curriculum Overview and Cluster Roadmap. This document provides an overview of PS1’s academic program (K-6th), with specific bullet points related to each Cluster’s curriculum in each subject area.