Student Support

At PS1 Pluralistic School we recognize and respect each child’s uniqueness.

It is our mission to support the individual development of all PS1 students inside and outside of the classroom and to provide resources to assist our students to become motivated, engaged, and confident learners.

“It’s not how smart a child is; it’s how a child is smart.” -Joel Pelcyger, Co-Founder and Head of School

Supporting children, teachers, parents and administrators is the Learning Support Team. The team includes the Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning, the Child Development Specialist, the Program Administrator, and the Learning Specialist.

As a team, these professionals work together to support teachers and administrators in maintaining the social and emotional well-being of all students, explore factors that may be interfering with the child’s learning success at school, and to develop strategies to meet the needs of students who may be facing learning challenges.

In addition to student support services, PS1 also holds frequent Parent Education events for parents to learn from others, ask questions, and engage in open dialogue. Recent topics led by our Child Development Specialist have included: Your Emerging Adolescent, Sibling Rivalry, and Social Development and Friendships. Evening events have included panel discussions (led by experts in the fields) on Gender Identity, Gratitude, and Children and Digital Media, and lectures by renowned authors Michael Thompson, Lori Getz, Regina Pally, Yalda Uhls, Richard Louv, and Madeline Levine.