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Ballona Wetlands Study

Ballona Wetlands Study

Blue Class (grades 2&3) launched their study of the Ballona Wetlands by learning about the four main types of Wetlands: Bogs, Fens, Marshes, and Swamps. Students researched a type of wetland with a small group, took notes, and created a diorama to share with the class all they learned. They followed this up with their first trip to the Ballona Wetlands.

At the wetlands, students observed and sketched what they saw, heard, smelled, and felt. One of the main goals from the field trip was to collect data to research in the classroom. Students recorded their observations and wonderings in a field guide. In the classroom, they are now working on determining what type of wetland Ballona is, and identifying the plant and animal life they recorded in our field guides. As they were exploring the Wetlands, they came across scientists from EcoKai collaborating with Ballona Wetlands Conservatory, who were there collecting data of their own and working on a restoration plan. Students had a chance to ask questions and connect as scientists. 

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