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Humongous Heroes, Geometry, and More in Olders

Humongous Heroes, Geometry, and More in Olders

Olders mathematicians have been hard at work. The fifth grade equivalent students wrapped up their Humongous Hero project, in which they made various body measurements and then calculated the ratio of each part to total height in order to scale up the size of a humongous hero, then scale the measurements back down to create a proportional drawing.

Along with creating the Humongous Heroes, students solved other ratio problems in order to solve an accompanying mystery. Since then, they've been working on data collection and analysis, including interpreting a variety of graphs such as dot plots, stem-and-leaf plots, scatter plots, and bar graphs. The sixth grade equivalent math group has been working with variables and equations in an introduction to algebra. This has allowed us to review number relationships, integers, order of operations, and different ways to express operations. Students practiced using vocabulary to speak about their knowledge of algebra and practiced applying their skills to solve one and two step equations. They also had a lot of fun creating and solving puzzles to challenge their algebraic thinking. Since then, they have been working on geometry by drawing and measuring angles, reviewing vocabulary and calculating the area of triangles and quadrilaterals to build up to surface area and volume. 

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