Inauguration Day in the Green Class

Inauguration Day in the Green Class

Students in the Green Class (grades 1-2 equivalent) honored Inauguration Day with conversations about what they would do as President and explored the theme of Unity in President Biden's Address.

All classes at PS1 honored Inauguration Day in valuable and age-appropriate ways. Students in the Green Class started their day by sharing what they would each do as president. Teachers McKendree and Maren noted that many of the students' responses reflected their ongoing study of Growth Mindset, placing the emphasis on 'trying' and 'yet.'

As a class, they watched an excerpt of President Biden's Inaugural Address focusing on his hope for the United States. Students noticed the theme was unity, with one defining unity as "being united in peace." Students worked in breakout rooms to come up with their hopes for the country. Some examples of what they would include in their own Inaugural Addresses include:

Peace; Housing the homeless; Less forest destruction; Kindness; Lower taxes; Fairness for all; No COVID; No trash in the ocean; Friendship; Ending hunger

An inspiring list, indeed!

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