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A Pluralistic School

First Thing’s First: What is Pluralism?

A founding value of PS1 Pluralistic School, pluralism is the belief that a community is enriched when individual differences are respected and welcomed. At PS1, pluralism is a commitment to diversity and interconnectedness in both our community and our curriculum (see examples HERE). Combining intellectual and emotional intelligence is paramount to success as a human being and central to our unique pluralistic philosophy.

At PS1, we believe that elementary school is the ideal time to learn about people and points of view different from ourselves. Our community is consciously inclusive, honoring different religions, cultures, ethnicity, and economic levels. A substantial portion of our budget is allocated to financial aid to assure socioeconomic diversity.

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Watch and listen to learn more about how we designed our school around the core principle of pluralism...


Pluralism in Education — Guiding Principles:


  • We honor, value, and cherish the unique traits within each child.
  • Each child knows that fitting in is about being yourself.

SELF in relation to OTHERS

  • We promote respectful dialogue between students of all ages.
  • Students learn to respect one another’s similarities and differences while retaining and strengthening individual voices.
  • Students are honored for the complexity and richness they bring to the community.


  • We cultivate a cohesive learning community among all students and constituencies.
  • PS1 Pluralistic School Vision Statement: Celebrate the Many; Build One.