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A Pluralistic School

Why Pluralism?

Pluralism is both our goal and our method. Our name, PS1 Pluralistic School, echoes the United States’ motto, E pluribus unum: Out of many, one. The words convey the complex, ongoing, optimistic work of creating and sustaining a truly democratic society.

That’s the founding and enduring purpose of PS1—and what makes us unique. We believe that empathetic, innovative, collaborative thinkers can and must build a better world for all. And the best time to cultivate this vital mindset is in children’s earliest years.

From the first day of kindergarten through 6th grade, we help students understand themselves as individuals and as members of larger communities. We’ve designed our curriculum, schedule, and even our physical campus to inspire both productive cooperation and individual reflection. As students gradually expand their comfort zones—from small-group projects to their classroom, school, neighborhood, and eventually the wider world—each learns how and why to make positive change at every level.


PS1 creates intellectual and physical microcosms, or “schools within the school.” These outwardly expanding microcosms (in essence, small-scale versions of pluralistic communities) allow each student to practice PS1’s shared values in every endeavor.

To illustrate pluralism in action, start with 1 practice: CLICK to learn more about our Cluster system.

To inquire about our pluralistic school, CLICK HERE.

Watch and listen to learn more about how we designed our school around the core principle of pluralism...