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Mission & Vision

PS1 Pluralistic School Mission Statement

PS1 is a diverse community committed to an ever-evolving model of pluralistic elementary education. On a path to self-knowledge, students engage and become the best versions of themselves. They develop critical academic and interpersonal skills to be confident and passionate contributors to an increasingly connected world.

PS1 Pluralistic School Vision Statement

Celebrate the Many; Build One

PS1 Pluralistic School Philosophy

At PS1, we recognize that every child is unique, so we built a school that nurtures individual talents and learning styles. That’s how children become the best versions of themselves, in a school where fitting in is about being yourself.

PS1 Diversity Statement

As a community committed to inclusivity, PS1 emphasizes an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to fostering the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be a global citizen working towards a more equitable world. PS1 embraces inclusivity in all aspects of our institution including curriculum, professional development, admissions, recruitment of faculty and staff, community outreach, board and administrative decisions, and student and family life. Inclusion of all groups provides a fuller, richer learning community for all.