PS1 Pluralistic School Philosophy

At PS1, we recognize that every child is unique, so we built a school that nurtures individual talents and learning styles. That’s how children become the best versions of themselves, in a school where fitting in is about being yourself.

PS1'S Five Commitments


Expert Faculty, Inspiring Academics, a Joyful Learning Environment, an Inclusive Community, and upon Graduation, Empowered Alumni.

Our Expert Faculty is a collaborative group of educators with significant breadth and depth of experience in the field of elementary education. At PS1 that means a commitment to planning, organizing, researching and implementing best practices in our pluralistic approach to engaging children in their learning. They work collaboratively together in partnerships, in clusters, with a strong administrative support team, and as a whole faculty in weekly meetings. Anyone hired as a teacher at PS1 has demonstrated awe, trust, and respect for children.

Inspiring Academics at PS1 promotes an integrated approach to learning so that each student is excited about and challenged by the work. Our programs are always evolving. We initiate new programs at PS1 because we challenge ourselves to address the strengths and stretches of each child and the changing times in which we live. There is a real emphasis on inquiry and project based learning.

A Joyful Learning Environment provides an emotional safety net for children to be willing to learn and take risks. Everyone must feel “I Am Somebody” in order to be a contributing member of the community. We focus on knowing and working to bring out the best in each child to help develop the best version of themselves.

Developing an Inclusive Community is ever so important. PS1 Pluralistic School is a place where the welcome mat is felt by everyone who walks through the front door; is owned by each of the students who grace our campus; and is a felt collaboration of people dedicated to partner with each other in the raising of young children. We each are firmly committed to our vision and mission.

And, the fifth element of our commitment to you is that you can look forward to your child joining our Empowered Alumni. What we have learned over the years is that you get to take PS1 with you. PS1 graduates are highly sought after by the outstanding middle schools that surround us. PS1 Alumni feel confident in their learning and leave us equipped with the skills they need to succeed in their academic career and beyond. They’re able to think creatively, take on leadership roles, and create connections. One alumnae said, “I am where I am today because PS1 gave me the tools to believe in myself, speak up for myself, speak out against injustice, embrace my individuality, look at problems from multiple angles and understand other perspectives.” What more could we ask for?