PS1 Pluralistic School Philosophy

At PS1, we recognize that every child is unique, so we built a school that nurtures individual talents and learning styles. That’s how children become the best versions of themselves, in a school where fitting in is about being yourself.

Education is not a destination; it is a journey. Each child shares the responsibility for finding his or her own best path. By studying our children, we discover how they learn. Our enrollment is intentionally limited to allow for the development of each child’s potential. Small classes spanning a two-year age range provide extensive personal contact between the two teachers in each classroom and their students.

Through the acquisition of strong academic and interpersonal skills, we seek to strengthen in the young the image they have of their best selves. Through helping children develop successful strategies for learning and guiding them to feel proud of their accomplishments, our students expand their images of themselves as competent individuals open to life-long learning. Our aim is to show that learning is a process of living and not just a preparation for future life.